About Us

Founded in 1925, Kyrkslätt Skytteförening KSF is one of the oldest sport clubs in Kirkkonummi. The club offers a wide range of activities emphasizing on the rifle disciplines, being one of the most succesfull of our country.

The club is a member of the Finnish Shooting Sport Federation and as a bilinguistic organisation also of the Svenska Finlands Sportskytteförbund which is the national federation of the swedish speeking shooting clubs in Finland, additionally KSF is a member of the Finnish Biathlon Federation.

Shooting is a sport for everyone regardless of age, which can be practised on different levels depending on the degree of ambition and skills. It is very suitable as an activity for the whole family. There are even a lot of para disciplines for disabled.

Although an individual sport, shooting is very social by its nature. Training and competition events normally offer time and possibilities to meet friends.